The following is my attempt at making some cloches. I had visited the botanical gardens here in San Antonio and spied the prettiest chicken wire cloches I had ever seen. To my disappointment they were "display only". So of course I was not going to take "No" for an answer. I promptly ran into the hardware store , snatched a roll of chicken wire , and ran home to give it a "Go' myself.

Patio Art

Same day trip, same visit to the gardens and I purchased these two lovely metal leaves. Took them home and then didn't know what on earth to do with them. So, going with the "chicken wire" theme and desperately wanting some backyard, patio decor, I decided these two lovelies would look amazing framed and hung up! An old frame made fresh, some chicken wire for the background, and a place to hang them ended up as something (I think) rather unique and pretty.

Basket and Bundles

I was walking through some stores the other day and spied the cutest wooden ladder. Unfortunately the price wasn't so cute. I have an awkward, long, vertical space on one of my walls and had been scratching my head as to what to put there. A ladder, I thought, would be perfect! So I asked my hubby to help me make one and it turned out so great. But it needed something else, something special to spruce it up. I tried hanging some pictures from it and was happy with that look But something seemed to be lacking. Aha! Baskets and bundles of greenery! So, here is my attempt at some chicken wire baskets with some fresh greens added to give it life! I cant wait for the holidays to dress these babies up!